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2nd Nov 2020, 4:04 AM in Chapter 7
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Rocktopus 2nd Nov 2020, 4:04 AM edit delete
Sorry I'm late!

Anyways, time for our Ozzi to make some big choices.

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BornOnTheNinth 2nd Nov 2020, 4:10 AM edit delete reply
He could try to un-burn that bridge. I wonder what the High Father teaches about forgiveness?
Rocktopus 3rd Nov 2020, 11:15 PM edit delete reply
The High Father's Church is structured roughly after medieval Christianity; I'll let you come to a conclusion based on that
Oldarmourer 6th Nov 2020, 4:32 AM edit delete reply
stone first, forgive later ?
buy an indulgence for forgiveness ?
look...he's on a rooftop !! he's a witch, burn him !!
Just get him a fiddle, and a Jew would write a hit play ;)
melaredblu 2nd Nov 2020, 4:12 AM edit delete reply
Ooh baby, I am on the edge of my seat!
Rocktopus 3rd Nov 2020, 11:15 PM edit delete reply
Don't fall!
Aimless 2nd Nov 2020, 4:28 AM edit delete reply
Rocktopus 3rd Nov 2020, 11:17 PM edit delete reply
He might wanna wait until morning; the only thing more unpredictable than a girl who's mad at you is a girl who's mad at you AND tired!
Oldarmourer 6th Nov 2020, 4:34 AM edit delete reply
In such situations, it's comforting to remember the words of a wise man who once said...
"in these times, take solace in the realization that everything you do or say is wrong"
"including doing nothing..."
chris-tar 2nd Nov 2020, 4:39 AM edit delete reply
What a beautiful panoramic opening shot!
Rocktopus 3rd Nov 2020, 11:17 PM edit delete reply
Thank you! I was proud of it!
Guest 2nd Nov 2020, 6:10 AM edit delete reply
Some top notch art in this one
Rocktopus 3rd Nov 2020, 11:18 PM edit delete reply
Thanks a lot! I'm trying to improve my backgrounds.
padanew 2nd Nov 2020, 6:59 AM edit delete reply
Maybe ox knows how toxic they are and did not what to spend more time with them.
Rocktopus 3rd Nov 2020, 11:19 PM edit delete reply
Who knows what's going on behind that stoic expression.
VickiC 2nd Nov 2020, 7:59 AM edit delete reply
This is going to be SO awkward...
Rocktopus 3rd Nov 2020, 11:20 PM edit delete reply
Maybe a bit too awkward for tonight.
Utzad 2nd Nov 2020, 8:10 AM edit delete reply
Okay, you got this Ozzi, it's really simple. You walk up, say hi, throw yourself on the ground before her begging her to take you back and admitting everything was your fault. You got this, go get 'em.
Rocktopus 3rd Nov 2020, 11:22 PM edit delete reply
Unfortunately, Ozzi isn't the begging type. He's not the best at apologies.
Oldarmourer 6th Nov 2020, 4:35 AM edit delete reply
whenceupon Colleen says "I'm too tired for this, see me in the morning"
Utzad 2nd Nov 2020, 8:12 AM edit delete reply
I hope we get to learn more about Ozzi's backstory, including how he and Colleen met.
Rocktopus 3rd Nov 2020, 11:22 PM edit delete reply
You will, but in a later chapter.
Bookeater_otaku 2nd Nov 2020, 11:33 AM edit delete reply
Gorgeous first panel.

It's a bit... convenient that Colleen JUST happen to walk by but I guess for the expedite of the plot, we could say the High Lord was guiding her path.
Product Placement 3rd Nov 2020, 10:42 PM edit delete reply
Product Placement
Convenient or not, it's a small town and it's been established that Colleen tends to study up on the Marble gate monsters when she's not in the dungeon. She can easily be walking back from the library or she just finished cashing in the loot from her last raid.
Rocktopus 3rd Nov 2020, 11:23 PM edit delete reply
Colleen is returning to her room after being stuck at the Arch Wizard's tower all evening! She just left his office earlier in the chapter.
Anothis 7th Nov 2020, 10:14 AM edit delete reply
Ya that's what I was thinking. This is less coincidence and more him being high up near a tavern. Taverns are built on main roads. The probability of seeing someone you recognize skyrockets in these conditions. About the only coincidence is how late she got out of the Archmage's tower, which has already been explained.

This is outstanding writting.
Sturzkampf 2nd Nov 2020, 12:29 PM edit delete reply
She doesn’t look on her guard and she’s had a few good scores in the dungeon lately. Now’s the opportunity to mug her for her receipts, magic items and any loose cash, and she won’t even know it’s you.
padanew 2nd Nov 2020, 5:48 PM edit delete reply
I could say something but I think I just sit back and record whats going to happen.
Dextros 2nd Nov 2020, 3:03 PM edit delete reply
I read a lot of webcomics and this one continues to have some of the best artwork out there! Keep up the good work!
Rocktopus 3rd Nov 2020, 11:27 PM edit delete reply
Thank you so much! I will!
Hooves 2nd Nov 2020, 6:28 PM edit delete reply
Ahahah the slick slippery hand of fate... stroking the best spots at just the right time...
Rocktopus 3rd Nov 2020, 11:28 PM edit delete reply
Good thing the Arch Wizard kept her waiting so long, I guess!
Hooves 8th Nov 2020, 12:35 AM edit delete reply
So it would seem
Jeremiah 2nd Nov 2020, 9:46 PM edit delete reply
I really liked the fact that Ozzy is using the little chimney to avoid an accident.
Rocktopus 3rd Nov 2020, 11:31 PM edit delete reply
I originally didn't have it, but a patreon supporter remarked that it was a bit odd how Ozzi was balancing so perfectly on the roof, so I added it in. If that patron is reading this, thanks for the constructive criticism! It worked out good.
io 3rd Nov 2020, 3:09 AM edit delete reply
the worm turns
Rocktopus 3rd Nov 2020, 11:32 PM edit delete reply
Hm? I'm not sure I'm familiar with what that means.
Arcadian Knight 4th Nov 2020, 10:45 PM edit delete reply
Guessing it's referring to the phrase "Even a worm will turn" which is referring to how even the humblest and weakest will retaliate if provoked sufficiently.

Guess with him just abandoning his old team like that after the amount of abuse he had/saw was the turning point instead of realising this later in the dungeon when he was trying to save them and getting abandoned in the process.

At least....I think that's what the OP is referring to with the comment >_>
Sen 3rd Nov 2020, 12:46 PM edit delete reply
This is a great page. It shows how Ozzi is so comfortable with trickery terrain he uses it to relax.
Rocktopus 3rd Nov 2020, 11:32 PM edit delete reply
He is quite the parkour expert, that's for sure.
Kent 4th Nov 2020, 4:39 PM edit delete reply
Although I have a suspicion that this won't happen, I'd really like to see Colleen tell Ozzi to take a flying leap.
Oldarmourer 6th Nov 2020, 12:43 PM edit delete reply
kinda think that'd cost us a whole bunch of strips if she said that and he did...
Kent 10th Nov 2020, 7:26 PM edit delete reply
Yeah, it would ... I realize the comic only updates once a week (and, frankly, given the quality of the artwork, I'm surprised it updates that often), but we are spending a lot of time with a character who's destined to be kicked to the curb.
Kent 11th Nov 2020, 4:48 PM edit delete reply
I can see my last comment wasn't too clear, to put it mildly ... what I meant was, I'd like to see Ozzi kicked to the curb, but, given the time we're spending with him, that isn't too likely to happen.
Packless1 5th Nov 2020, 5:52 PM edit delete reply
...ah...a spoiler...!
...can't wait to hear more...! :D
turbomunky 10th Nov 2020, 10:08 AM edit delete reply
This is a beautiful comic, but I feel you've really cranked it up a notch on this page. Absolutely gorgeous and very detailed. Love it!