Concept Art

 Various Concepts throughout the years

Original Concept Art
Here's the original character concepts of the core characters. Made waaay back in 2015.

Original Group shot, featuring 1 additional character that was part of the first draft of the script way back in 2015 before the final draft was written. Colleens original concept. I don't know what I was thinking with the cleft chin. Original Randulf concept. He hasn't changed much; I've just refined his shapes a bit. Ozzi's original concept. He's gone through some cleaning up as well. The original illustration tht started it all! Old and outdated, but I still kinda like it.


Expanded world concepts

  Stuff that's part of the world of Marblegate, but may not end up in the core comic. I do plan on making expanded world stuff, like RPG books, videos, and maybe even a game one day.